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Heart Rate Activity Monitor

What is Heart Rate Activity Monitor?

Application of BrainTap device and heart rate activity monitor or heart rate variability (HRV) scan offers evidence to individual of how their body reacts to stress and how their health may be negatively impacted from the stress. It is also can be used as a diagnostic device to assess HRV. Moreover, this device serves the purpose for several of neurological responses such as sympathetic and parasympathetic responses, psycho-emotional state and adaptation receptivity. The feature that HRV scan consists of dynamic evaluation, evaluation of autonomic regulation parameters by methods of statistical and spectral analysis of heart rhythms, assessment of central regulation parameters by methods of neurodynamic analysis of body biological rhythms, assessment of psycho-emotional state by means of phase analysis and biorhythm mapping, and assessment of biological age and adaptive capacity of the organism by fractal analysis.

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