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What is photobiomodulation?

Photobiomodulation is a therapeutic modality that uses non-ionizing illumination sources, broadband light, LEDs, and lasers, LED light spanning the infrared and visible spectrum, to stimulate photochemical and photophysical processes in biological systems using indigenous chromophores. Advantages of this nonthermal process include pain alleviation, immune response modulation, decreased inflammation, and assistance with tissue regeneration and wound healing. 

When Photobiomodulation (PBM) is applied using light-emitting diodes (LEDs) at different wavelengths, tissue can be penetrated to varying depths and is absorbed naturally by the cells. Consequently, the cells produce Adenosine triphosphate (ATP), energy vital to cell regeneration and recovery. Infrared (IR) combined with either blue or red is known to have a synergistic effect that allows both hues to penetrate tissue deeper than when applied monochromatically. Enhancing circulation within the body is another benefit of PBM energy application, which promotes nitric oxide release. The skin absorbs light, whether from the sun or electronics, which causes positive biological changes at the cellular level. No other medical procedure can compare to these particular alterations. Targeting problem regions is possible with Inlight’s LED light treatment pad designs. One helpful aid for maintaining and enhancing health and vitality is the PBM light energy that the LED pads supply.

How does the technology work?

Life requires light to exist. Sunlight therapy dates back thousands of years. Modern science has perfected the regulated delivery of particular solar wavelengths, or colors, into low-level light treatment (LLLT) technology. Inlight treatment devices are modern with its Progressive Multi-PulseTM delivery system and LED light treatment technology (PBM). Photobiomodulation therapy uses near-infrared light, invisible to the human eye. Additionally, it is known to dilate blood vessels in chronic pain locations to improve circulation, resulting in immediate pain alleviation, tissue regeneration, and enhanced sensation.

With varying pulsed rates, Inlight’s exclusive Progressive Multi-PulseTM technology offers light at multiple wavelengths. Applying Inlight’s flexible neoprene therapy pads, which are legally traded as an FDA Class II Medical Device and contain LED elements such as blue, red, and near-infrared diodes, directly onto the skin delivers the benefits to the body organs through skin response.

The photobiomodulation mechanism, triggered by the LED light, releases nitric oxide and increases circulation (blood flow) throughout the body, supplying essential nutrients. Research indicates that Photobiomodulation initiates the process of cell repair in injured cells. The Inlight Therapy devices are safe and effective for use at home because their mode of action is a photochemical response rather than a heat or thermal response, which protects the tissue from thermal injury.

LEDs penetrate tissue at different depths by generating photon light energy at varying wavelengths, which is naturally absorbed by cells to help produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP), essential for cell regeneration and repair. Applying photon radiation also encourages nitric oxide generation and improves circulation, a necessary part of healing.

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Inlight Therapy devices frequently produce positive results for patients with pain or circulation problems associated with the following conditions:

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